Aug 19, 2004

The singularity of elearning

Sometimes, US and the Western world suprises me. In Poland, we consider it good if a elementary or high school has one classroom of computers. Universities got several.

3 years ago when I was in Newcastle, they had not only dozens of comp-filled classrooms, they had at least three facilities filled with 100+ comps for general student use.

And now this.

"In the last five years, the acceleration has been amazing," said Billie Wahlstrom, a vice provost on technology issues at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. "If you look at these things longitudinally, the curve is moving to the vertical." "The question that you have to ask is not who is offering distance learning, but who isn't,"

He is talking about elearning. Recently we have been hearing about elearning being the fad of tommorow. Suprise - tommorow is today.

Knowledge feeds on knowledge. The more you know, the more you are likely to know in the future. Same goes for the entire humanity.

Singularity is a'comin...can you hear it?

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