Dec 6, 2005

Limits of good faith

"Today, as an experiment, we will be turning off new pages creation for
anonymous users in the English Wikipedia." - Jimbo Wales announcement

Sounds like a good plan. Deleting crap pages is much more difficult then
crap content in an otherwise worty artucle. It should be logical then that
to creat crap pages you should go to a little more trouble then with crap

The naivety of some people at Wikipedia:Articles_for_creation is really...
something. Why people cannot read the rules? Or verify their spelling? Oh well.
The fact that a significant proportion of not-created entries is redirects due to
wrong spelling or copyvio is a proof that the restriction was wise. As for the rest,
people are posting their content/sources at this page, so others who decide to register
can actually create them.


jaminus said...

Piotr, I found your comments about Wikipedia "newspeak" on Jimbo Wales' talk page very insightful. The policy of deleting potentially libellous edits in the page history concerns me greatly. I have been searching for pages where this matter is discussed in greater detail, to no avail. I was unaware of the existence of this policy.

I wonder if Wikipedia exposes itself to litigation if requests for the deletion of edits that are claimed to be libellous are denied. I'm also interested in the circumstances where entries in the page history ought to be deleted.

Piotr Konieczny said...

To some extent, yes - but I don't think it's too serious. You may want to check my other blog where I elaborate on this further.

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