Nov 28, 2005

Working Privateer remake!

Ah, I can't believe it. Finally. After years of waiting. A working Privateer remake.

See it here.

I am officially in heaven. The world if a perfect place...

For more info, see Wiki on Vegastrike.


martin the great said...

That's Wing Commander verse, right? Bah, no nukes, no laserheads, no one-eyed admirals that win in the face of overwhelming odds and slice insolent steadholders apart.


Seriously though, the WC-verse peashooters are ridiculous. I want to blow sh!t up, and there's not nearly enough explosive potential to do that properly.

Piotr Konieczny said...

Bah, you are missing th epoint. The Privateer was never about shooting things up, it was about exploring the universe and buying upgrades to your ship.

I have never played any straight space shoot-them-ups except Starlancer, several years ago, and it was quite nice. Freelancer which I played more recently (half a year ago) was nice but 'too easy and stupid' - shooting up hordes of stupid pirates can become boring.

The originial Privateer, from what I remember, was on the contrary quite difficult, and shooting an enemy was a real challenge. Anyway, this time I am going to chose the hardest difficulty setting. Mmmmm....

martin the great said...

Bull, if you can fly in space and blow sh!t up, I say you should be able to do that properly (read: in the mid-kiloton range at the very least).

'Sides, that whole mercenary / freelance business is nothing for me, unless, as I've said, it is accompanied by enough nuclear explosions.

Though I do like upgrades. Do you know Jets n' Guns, per chance?

Piotr Konieczny said...

Nope, never heard 'bout it.

martin the great said...

I present to you, Jets n' Guns, the bestest side-scroller in the history of the world. It's got upgrades, it's got nukes, it's got carnage, it's got fun. It doesn't get much better than that.

Plus it's made in my beloved motherland =)

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