Oct 8, 2004

See what he did

I have been not posting much lately. Long story short, my attempts to start a PhD are taking much more time (and yield much less success) then I expected them to. Oh well. Welcome to the real world I guess :>

So instead of posting something today, I invite you to read this blog'o'article:
Here I Blog, I Can Do No Other. Very interesting, and something I have thought about before but didn't put into words...and now, I don't need to, since it has been well done already.

All right, a quick thought. Blogger, the site hosting the very blog you are reading, and thousands of others, has recently pulled out ads and is now seemingly hosting our blogs for free (and doing a pretty nice quality job at that). Would you care to state your opinions why are they doing this?
...Yes, it is an obvious attempot to get some coments. But I'd really like to know...

One final note. Garfield comic strips are great. Garfield the movie bored me to death. You have been warned...computer animation seems to be able to produce trash just as other techniques. Why can't some people understand that it is the script that counts?

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