Oct 28, 2004

How to design a spaceship?

I wrote a rather long article about this, posted on FreeOrion.org site. It is a forum where ppl can take part in designing the (hopefully) best 4X game ever.

Feel free to join the discussion. My post is here.

Waste of time? Never. Brain excersize,

In other new, my prelection on the Imladris sf con has been mentioned in at least one newspaper review (Dziennik Polski - in Polish, obviously) and also on at least one general sf site (yes, also in Polish). Since it was my first attempt at giving such a lecture, I am pleasantly suprised and will likley continue this until somebody pays me to stop :>

Finally - if you dig maps of space empires, here is a beautiful work. Full Thrust maps. I love maps...historical, futuristic...mmmm....maps.....

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