Sep 2, 2004

His Master's Voice

Głos Pana (en. His Master's Voice) is one of the best books by Stanisław Lem. After a signal from extra-terrestial civilisation is discovered, the truth is hidden by secret services and various political and economical interests. Please keep in mind that this book was written few decades before X-files :)

Anyway, Seti@home have given us what may be IT. Or may not. In any case, it is a great example of what cooperation can do - and competition cannot. If only people would cooperate more instead of trying to kill each other in the worldwide rat's race. Oh well. Back to the topic at hand.

CNN: Space signal studied for alien contact
New Scientist: Mysterious signals from 1000 light years away
Me: now that's interesting. Keeping my fingers crossed...

Will this be IT? How lovely it would be to wipe that smirk of those unbeliver faces...

It is coming. Can you hear it?

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