Aug 6, 2006

Wikimania Day 2 Report

I spent the entire day at the 'teaching' track. Among the most interesting things is the new partially ready software that will give the MediaWiki sotftware (the wiki software run by Wikipedia and many other wikis) functionality of the course management system. Everbody was also excited with the news about the upcoming WYSIWYG editor I mentioned yesterday.

And that's honestly the notable part of my day. Lot's of other issues, but nothing of general interest. Still, general impression: a great, great place. Try to catch some of the live casts from the tommorow's last day, or search for podcasts and videocasts using the 'wikimania2006' tags: there is lots of stuff, see technocrati, flickr, and likely other stuff I am not aware of :)

Trivia: Wiki-blog of Wikimania

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