Oct 4, 2005

A few jokes

After the philosophy course, I decided to give you some economics info, in the form of a few jokes to lighten the mood.:

Q: What is the difference between capitalism and socialism?
A: Capitalism produces an unequal distribution of wealth. Socialism produces an equal distribution of shortages.

Q: What would be the biggest problem for a communist building compnay in Sahara?
A: The shortages of sand.

Q. What is the difference between a democracy and a social democracy?
A. They both look the same, as do a chair and an electric chair.

Seriously, I am pretty happy about recent Polish election results. While Germany muddles, it seems Poland had decided to brave the needed reforms. Hopefully, other EU countries will follow Poland - EU economy needs all the help it can get. The issue it faces is not overtaking the US, but staying ahead of the Asia...


Algeroth said...

The best economics joke i have ever read, is in Francis Fukuyama´s Trust: The Social Virtues and the Creation of Prosperity:"...In one social experiment, a large group of people at a university were given tokens that they could exchange for money that they would receive personaly or for money that the group as a whole would have to share. It turned out that between forty and sixty precent of those in the experiment contributed altruistically to the group´s well-being. The only exception was a group of entering graduate students in economics."

martin the great said...

Q: What's the difference between a German (West German, that is) worker and a Czech worker?

A1: None. Both can afford to go to Prague once a week.

A2: The German worker gets up in the morning, eats ham and eggs for breakfast, gets in his BMW and leaves to get exploited.
The Czech worker gets up in the morning, eats bread with butter for breakfast, gets on a bike and leaves to govern.

(that didn't translate well...hope I got the message through. And I'm sure you've heard that one already)

Piotr Konieczny said...

Don't worry, I didn't knew that one :)

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