Oct 31, 2005

10 top trends

KurzweilAI.net reports:

Wired News, Oct. 25, 2005

Mobile socialization, disruptive technology in the hybrid car market, growing demand for information-sensing devices that can reduce energy consumption, and an IT revolution in 2006 are among the forecasts by futurists.

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Will comment on the article when I have time to read it in few hours :)

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martin the great said...

IT revolution of 2006:


"We see the convergence of a whole stack of IT trends," said Pearson, who's gearing up for what he calls "the 2006 IT explosion." Basically, the explosion will consist of a number of technologies: better screens, improved location technology and highly sophisticated gaming consoles that provide a hub for home entertainment.


Zuh? That's been happening for quite some time now...

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