Feb 1, 2005

News...or no news

Today's news...well, I am not a journal. But I can point you to 2 very interesting news sites. You probably know the first one, as I mentoned it already: Wikinews. Well, Wikinews is interesting, but atm it is far from comprehensive (although it is growing rapidly). Now, the second site is probably more widly known: one of Google spin-offs, Google News. What it does it offers you a search (suprise...) for the latest news on a given topic. A nice thing, give it a try - or check the most recent news article about Wikipedia :) Btw, I had a really good laugh reading the 'Guide to a smarter you' . Although, on a second thought, this should be obligatory subject in schools...well, perhaps with the exception of visitng Fark.com :>

With accordance to the rules, I am extending the last queston deadline until I get at least one answer...

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