Feb 21, 2005

Good anime

I have discovered an interesting thing. More to the point, a new anime, definetly worth watching to all fans of good space combat.

Target destroyed!

Starship Operators is an anime (so far 4 eps have been released) about a single spaceship fighting a war after the main fleet has been destroyed and their country has surrendered. So far, every episode has a nice one on one battle, with a nice array of weapons (including asteroid throwing ship), decent tactics (how to spot a stealth ship or close to a long range ship) and character development. I had some doubts after the 1st episode if the story would hold, but after the 4 eps I am definetly hooked up and want more.

The crew

Btw, they finally managed to explain why we can hear sound in space...

Target spotted

Since the show is not licensed outside Japan, episodes can be downloaded from animesuki. Catch them when they are available!

Official site, probably nice...if you can read Japanese :D; some tech pics under mechanics section, character sections has character pics and bios.

Seaslug Team has pics and spoilers, be warned!
http://www.davidslife.com/anime/reviews/starship_operators_1.php (pics and review)

Your standard blurb on animesuki.

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