May 11, 2010

Abdication of Jimbo

Well, maybe not a total abdication, but Jimbo has relinquished a substantial portions of his powers. See his announcement and the context.

In an upcoming academic article I discuss why calling Wikipedia a monarchy/dictatorship, while not too off the mark in its very early stages, is no longer true. It's nice not to be contradicted by the current events :)


reagle said...

He most likens his role as a constitutional moncarch, which I discuss in the context of my work on "authorial leadership".

Piotr Konieczny said...

Which I am pretty sure I cited :) But despite his liking of the term, there are two major problems, as in - Wikipedia has no constitution, and monarchy implies a lot of things that Jimbo is not. Out of all the terms out there, the "benevolent dictator" is probably the best, IMHO.

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