Apr 18, 2010

Another Big Cyc protest song translated: Dictator

Some time ago I translated into English the Mówi Bagdad (Baghdad Speaking) protest song by Big Cyc. Now, I did it for the Dyktator (Dictator) song.

Source of Polish lyrics: link

The music video clip, on youtube, till it is taken down:

This the Polish version. There is also a Belorussian, which I once saw on youtube, but I think it was already taken down :(


I know a tyrant with a black moustache
Who likes sports very much
He plays hockey and basketball
Sometimes he goes to a tennis court
Puts a shot at opposition
In Duma he sneaks like a cat
He values light atlhetics
Because he loves the sickle and the hammer

Lukashenko - concrete, hammer, wall, dres
Lukashenko - Brezhnev, Stalin, Pinochet

He knows the secrets of economy
Best student of the kolkhoz schools
He doesn't like to read the papers
He hates the word "BISON"
You can be beaten to a pulp
If you sing like I do
Freedom in a police state
Dicatorship in the shadows of the bars

refrain x 2

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