Dec 22, 2008

Obama's Facebook transcript

Regarding this article in LATimes, on Obama and Facebook. What makes it different from a 1000 similar ones, is that this contains Obama's Facebook wall transcript...

My first thought is "Prima Aprilis". If not, I wonder how did this become public... and is this a violation of privacy? How private is Facebook, really? Semi-private? Do we need a new definition of privacy for that? Can I freely share the transcript of my wall? Yours? Who owns the copyright? Me? You? Facebook?

Second thought. Looks fascinating as material for document studies... it's not only a blog of one politician, it's a blog of one politician and his interactions with others. In few years, when the new series of Obama's biographies will be written, I can't imagine ones that would be comprehensive without studying this material.

Third thought. If this is true, based on the names I saw (not only Obama, but Clintons and other names even I recognize...), it likely means that Facebook is no longer a "college students" phenomena...

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