Jan 28, 2008

How long will we live?

Recently The Economist has published a very interesting article: Abolishing ageing: How to live forever. Considering that it is not a fringe publication, but a reliable mainstream one, it is certainly worth checking out. If The Economist thinks technologies increasing our life expectancy are worth writing about, they are no longer just a dream of a science-fiction authors.

For a follow up, read the very interesting article by Ray Kurzweil: The Law of Accelerating Returns.

Of course this may not happen. But it looks more and more likely that it will.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't mind leaving forever. Or at least for a few thousands years :)

And if this seems weird or intimidating, do read Yudkowsky and Anissimov on the concept of shock levels:
* Future Shock Levels
* Future Shock Level Analysis

Lessons for the day:
Don't fear the future just because it's likely to be different.
Don't underestimate the probability of change because change intimidates you personally.


Life insurance Canada said...

Oh don't we all... but why?? Personally for me, I'd hate to see all that information I carefully sieved through in my lifetime go to the soil. Well if that's everyone's case, I'm mildly troubled; our minds are simply not adapted to an elongated lifespan - think how long we've lived for the majority of our history! Do our brains have the capacity to store several centuries of knowledge without forgetting a little here and there? I believe they do, and that the secret lies in unlocking their entire potential, which we now utilize to about 10%, as using more would kill us. But, I stay positive and keep hope that we can do something to solve this dilemma. Of course, since I sell life insurance in Canada, it'd also mean I'd go out of business - which I wouldn't finally mind! :D

Cheers from Toronto,

Digwuren the Gray said...

One of the many steps: the prosthetic heart. An estimated three years until production.

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