Sep 18, 2005

Wikipedia close to Top50

I remember telling some people recently that Wiki was the 70-sth most popular site on the net. Well, I was apparently using some outdated info (probably half a year old). I am happy to report we are the 53rd most popular site ATM. Or 49 on Global list. Alexa is bit confusing with different summaries and list (why can't I find Wiki on any other but the global list??).

For comparison:

Google: 3
Blogger: 33
Slashdot: 1,049
TheOnion: 2,639

One more thing I often say is that in a few years, Wiki will be as popular as Google. Comparison of 2 years (see graph below) is interesting: Google is of course much more popular, but Wiki is growing much faster. Google almost doubled its popularity - but Wiki popularity increased hundredfolds (see Wikipedia:Statistics for details). With some numbers one could fairly easy create a prediction. I may even do it sometime soon, for curiosity (and statistical excercise) sake. My 'eyeball Mark.I' estimate gives Wiki about 5 years to reach Google popularity. What's your call?


martin the great said...

How high does The best page in the universe rank?

Piotr Konieczny said...

Not bad - 5,546

martin the great said...

I'm wondering...where are the Wiki servers located? Ie: where would be Wiki listed as 'local'?

Piotr Konieczny said...

Why ask me? Ask Wiki.

martin the great said...

See, Wiki is very useful when I need someone to dump a heap of comprehensive info on any given subject.

However, it's still beaten by asking an informed person when you need one certain piece of info and you can't/don't want to sift through the whole article.

That's why I asked you rather than Wiki, even though I get the same answer.

Florida, eh? Not very safe, given Mexican Gulf's tendency to generate hurricanes and floods and such.

Also, I wonder how often do they back it up. Loss of Wiki might be even worse than the loss of the Alexandrian Library (got the name right?)

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