Jun 19, 2005

The Good Old Quard

When I was younger, I thought they were hilarious. I still think that now. The Quard Corners, 1995-1999 are a piece of history - mine, net and MTG (what's that? read the Corners to find out). I loved them, and they are still funny.

The QCs in today's post serve dual purposes: an illustration to two points. A good and a bad one.

Good one: the tool I used to find the Quard Corners, which I presumed lost few years ago when thedojo.com portal went down (now is a spam ad site) was the Internet Archive (aka the Wayback Machine). A very nifty tool to search for sites you presumed lost - give it a try. It may come in handy one day. The point is that even if you are looking for something far from serious, you may discover a tool useful for scientific purposes. I have already used it to get access to some articles I thought were gone.

Bad news is that Quard, while great in the past, seems to have lost 'the touch'. He has a site now, with a blog and thing...but it is no longer funny. Poor jokes and 3%#5-like obscenities aplenty. Point being this time - 'how the mighty have fallen'. There is funny and there is sad. If I ever start sounding like that, kill me on spot.

Tommorow is my 25th birthday. Here's wishing that Quard's regains his touch that made me once ROTFLOL.


Jason C said...

Happy 25th Birthday!

Just a forewarning, it was right aroun my 25th birthday that I found the love of my life.

When you get to the states, give me a ring and I'll drag you to SheVaCon or something.

Anonymous said...

Quard and his corners will always be special to me not only because it all started by accident, but by the fans of his work that still talk about them with reverence and gratitude YEARS after the last Corner was posted.

It never fails to amaze me that people so loved his insanity, his imaginary trained typing ferret and always appreciated the quality of his baltherings.

Quard and his corporeal housing, Vincent Navarino are not the same person although at times they get mistaken for each other.

Vincent Navarino has a blog, Quard has his place in history and Ferratio is VERY busy eating kittens dipped in Cheese Wiz on a desert isle populated by scantily clad natives.

We all thank you for your fond memories of Quard! It was a pleasure to serve, for all of us.

-Vincent Navarino
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