May 9, 2005

Most of the time, Wiki and few foras like Baens Bar are enough to make my web-day. Still, from time to time one discovers a site that is so...nifty...that one has to add it to his fav websites (after all, they did find their way there like this in the first place). My new discovery is KurzweilAI.netTechnological Singularity. Yes, news - I have to admit that I signed for their weekly newsletter, which collects interesting news stories, and I don't regret it. I don't have to look for them anymore - they are arriving in my mail - news about nanotechnology being used in production, gene sequencing costs droping rapidly...all those cool things that say 'Singularity is a'comin'!'. Plus it has a bot. And graphs. And link maps. And a guide how to live for eternity. If it ain't nifty, then what is? - a nice collection of news about the

I will buy you a beer at Olympus Mons yet :)

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