Mar 18, 2005

Wikipedia Publishes 500,000th English Article

Press release:

The Wikimedia Foundation announced today the creation of the 500,000th article in the English-language Wikipedia, its project to create a free, multilingual, online encyclopedia. The article was about "Involuntary settlements in the Soviet Union (" Wikipedia is a comprehensive online reference that has won acclaim and awards ( for its detailed coverage of current events and popular culture, its usability, and its community of contributors. It receives millions of visits each day.

Other recent additions to its English-language edition include hundreds of full-length songs (, almost a gigabyte of new images (, and subject-specific portals (

Daniel Pink, author and WIRED Magazine columnist, recently described Wikipedia as "the self-organizing, self-repairing, hyperaddictive library of the future." BBC News calls it "One of the most reliably useful sources of information around, on or off-line," and Tim Berners-Lee, father of the Web, has called it "The Font of All Knowledge."

Wikipedia is the first and best-known project of the Wikimedia Foundation. It has spawned sister projects, including a dictionary, a library of textbooks, a compendium of quotations, and a news site. These projects are all run on the open source MediaWiki platform (

Wikipedia is available free of charge and free of advertising from its website, Interested contributors can visit to learn how to add to the encyclopedia. DVD versions of the encyclopedia are scheduled to be released in English, German (, and French, later this year.

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