Jan 27, 2005

Auschwitz concentration camp

Seems to be the current topic of the day, and rightly so. I recently reviewied a very interesting article arguing that the number of people who pershed there is not ~1,5 million but ~5 million. Somehow reading this article (unfortunately, not online yet), in an academic manner detailing things like crematories workload capacities, with columns of numbers calculating how efficient Nazi machine was...it was the most horryfing this I have ever seen or read.

My grandfather, a prisoner of a Nazi camp himself, used to say: 'Don't be afraid of ghosts. Be afraid of man'. I understand now why.

Entrance to Auschwitz, 1941. — The slogan Arbeit macht frei over the gate translates as "work liberates".

Turn on your TV and see the International Anniversairy speeches. Or just read a Wiki article. One way or another, we should make sure such things never happen again.

You are of course aware that Soviet Union used to run its own concentration camps? That China still runs its own camps, the Laogai? That before the US Invasion of Iraq, Saddam Hussein regime had its own camps, in which ~500,000 of Iraqis opposed to his regime have perished? That hundred thousands of people are dying in North Korean concentration camps, where families of three generations are sent for life for a casual remark about the ruling party? That death squads in Sudan are commiting genocide as you read those words, that the still lingering Congo Civil War is responsible for civilian casualties approximetly equal to the number of Auschwitz dead...

Just something to think over while listening to the Auschwitz memorial. We have many words to say...but pitfuly little of will to back them up with action. People are still dying, as they have been in Auschwitz. I wonder for how much longer...

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